About NicAlt

In the latest regulation of the industry, the FDA calls for manufacturers to create products identical to NicAlt, products that are less dangerous when consumed, less likely to lead to initiation of tobacco use, and/or easier to quit. The FDA will also monitor industry product development to prevent more harmful or addictive products from reaching the market.
Our patented Nicotine Alternative infuses with any VG/PG solution to create new flavors that reach a completely different palate from the expected harsh nicotine e-juice experience. We trust you will find our product uniquely smooth and delicious, and completely versatile when handcrafted to the clients specifications for the desired experience (taste and effect). The benefits to the health and the needs of the traditional tobacco user by substituting tobacco with a non-addictive alternative are groundbreaking. Our product represents the purpose of our industry, which is to provide an alternative to traditional tobacco use.
All of our ingredients for NicAlt are FDA approved for sale and distribution in the U.S., non-addictive and all natural in nature, and labeled generally safe for consumption by the FDA. Documented scientific studies support our ingredients, and have even gained mainstream support as prominent health professionals have featured and showcased our ingredients as healthy alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals, outweighing any potential risks. We are happy to provide all relevant product information including GCMS, ISO 9001, GMP compliance as well as all relevant scientific studies pertaining to our ingredient list and processes to our clients upon request.





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